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Derrick & Clark are both members of the Christian Apologetics Alliance

Derrick was born in 1982 in Macon, Ga. He was raised by a God-fearing mother. During his formative years he attended Harvest Cathedral, a non-denominational church in his neighborhood. 

Immediately after high-school, Derrick joined the US Air Force where he served 6 years full time and is currently in the Air Force Reserves. During His military service, he has been to Kyrgystan, Iraq, England, and Afghanistan. On his tour in Iraq, he met his life-long friend Clark. In Iraq, Derrick also took a secular course in World Religions that further rooted his foundation in Christianity.

In 2012, Derrick enrolled in Liberty University to begin his formal theology training pursuing an Associates in Religion.

Other than theology,  he loves spending time with his wife, Joanna, and three kids. He is also into fitness and learning.

Derrick’s personal salvation testimony


Clark was born in Cleveland Ohio in 1984, the oldest child and only boy of a family of six. He grew up in a Christian home, going to church since before he could remember. He asked Jesus into his heart at the ripe old age of five after church one warm Sunday morning.

He was home-schooled all the way through high school and started college at a community college close to where he lived. After a few semesters he decided to join the Air Force Reserves. A few years after completing basic training and tech school, Clark earned his first Associates degree in Graphic Design at that same community college.

He has since served or been deployed to several countries including a six month tour in Iraq in 2008 where he met Derrick. After learning they both shared a relationship with Jesus and a love for theology, they had many conversations about the Bible and their walk with Christ and have kept in touch ever since over the phone and through texting since they live in different parts of the country. It was also in Iraq where Clark earned his second Associates degree in Criminal Justice through the Community College of the Air Force. After serving in the military for six years he chose not to re-enlist and was honorably discharged.

In 2010 Clark married Melissa, a wonderful women who loves Jesus. After getting married Clark decided to go back to school for his Bachelors degree in 2012, and got his degree in Art Studio with a minor in Computer Imaging. After college he took a job in banking and is currently an Anti-Money Laundering Business Analyst. He has since had an amazing little girl named Jezi, an awesome little boy named Theo and baby girl Genna; the newest addition. Clark and his family currently serve at Journey Community Church where he enjoys playing piano on the worship team.

Clark’s personal salvation testimony

cory lake squareCory is a Pennsylvania native who moved out west to Colorado. While consistently attending a United Method church as a boy, he didn’t truly grow in his faith until college thanks to CRU (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) and a series of wonderful disciplers/mentors. While in college he met his amazing wife, Kate, and together they are raising three boys.

When not learning about and discussing theology and apologetics, he is an Assistant Professor of Engineering at Colorado Christian University where he seeks to advance God’s kingdom through quality engineering education that is rooted in the grace and truth of scripture.

He enjoys being outside as much as possible (especially in the Colorado mountains with his family), spending time with his family, watching a good movie, and reading a good book.

Cory joined the Theologetics team in 2020.

timBorn in Virginia in 1974, Timothy McCabe grew up overseas, the son of a diplomat. Influenced by the cultural diversity he experienced in the Philippines, England, India, Japan, and a variety of other nations, much in life seemed very culturally subjective to him. After high school, McCabe began to slowly walk away from the values he had been raised with. Eventually, this led to emotional distress, broken relationships, failed dreams, and public humiliation.

Then Jesus saved him.

From that time on, amid a world laden with cultural subjectivity, Tim has trusted that Jesus Christ will provide for him; that God’s revelation in the Bible, while often apparently open to interpretation, cannot possibly be false; and that some truths are not based on human opinions. The facts of God’s existence, man’s sin, the problem this creates, the solution through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ… these objective truths transcend every culture.

Tim now resides in Indiana with his wife. In his spare time, he writes novels that have never been published, and manages presuppositions.org and godcontention.org.

timBorn 1989 in Blue Springs, MO, Nicholas was brought up in a secular family, introduced to Jesus through his only friend (Matt) at the age of six, the gospel seed, however, wouldn’t yet take root due to insufficient soil at home.

Living his formative years as a self-proclaimed “agnostic/atheist”, Nicholas joined the United States Navy after high school. While deployed, Nicholas has been to many different countries in the Middle East, such as, Croatia, Greece, Jordan, Egypt, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Spain, Cuba, and Haiti. It wouldn’t be until the year 2015 that Nicholas was confronted with the gospel seed. This time, due to his now wife (Cassandra), the gospel seed would take root and have good soil to grow.

In 2018 Nicholas felt the call to seminary, where he would spend the next four straight years at Liberty University; receiving a Bachelor of Science in Biblical and Theological Studies, a Master of Arts in Biblical Exposition, and then getting halfway through a Doctor of Ministry in Apologetics and Theology before the LORD would suspend his educational journeys…for now, so he hopes.

Nicholas also has interests in Formula 1 racing—where Daniel Riccardo is his favorite driver—golf, reading, playing with his son Benjimin, and watching terrible 90’s television shows with his wife Cassandra.

Nicholas joined the Theologetics team in 2022.

Theologetics.org was created to be a place where other Christians could come if they have questions about God, where believers could post answers to questions they have personally researched, and most importantly, to answer questions non-believers have about who Jesus is.