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Coffee • God

A game for 3-8 players that is designed to help memorize the classical arguments for the existence of God in a unique way… with coffee. Arguments represented in this game are as follows:

Degree of Perfection
Sensus Divinitatis
Pascal’s Wager
Free Will
Information Theory
Personal Experience
Cumulative Case

The game’s minimalist design and simplistic rules make for a fun yet enlightening experience.

Cost: $30.00
Includes: 89 playing cards, 1 instructions card, double-sided coffee game poster, and game box.

Note: instructions card(s) are mixed into the deck.

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Theologetics Debate Club

A trivia game for 2-20 players who play as teams of apologists and navigate the world of apologetics. As many apologists work hard to get published as well as build their ministries, the true goal is to help teach others some of the basics of defending their Christian faith and to sharpen their knowledge of apologetics to help spread the news about Jesus. Answer questions correctly to earn points and play secret sub-games to steal points from your opponents.

There are 5 types of cards:

Logic asks about how to logically ground reason, proper ways to use logic, logical fallacies, etc.
Theology presents questions of the different theological beliefs within varying Christian denominations & questions related to theology.
Apologetics helps provide insight into different arguments, evidence, and historical apologetics.
Science goes over discoveries that support the Bible and the personal God it describes.
Religions asks questions about basic information of various beliefs Christians could encounter in the world.

Play, laugh and learn.

Cost: $30.00
Includes: 105 playing cards with QR codes, 3 instructions cards, and game box.

Note: instructions card(s) are mixed into the deck.

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We have used a third-party game site called “The Game Crafter” to produce our games which uses high quality materials and sells a large variety of games directly from their site. The profit margin for our games is fairly low in an effort to help make the games more affordable for those who could benefit from them but the money we do make goes towards expenses directly related to our ministry. We hope and pray that these games can help all who play them draw closer to Jesus.