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“Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.”
Colossians 4:6

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The Table can also be accessed online from the web version at theo-tab.web.app. The original Table was first created as a FREE interactive PDF to download or be used from our site. Years ago we had an idea; just like the physical world is made up of basic elements, what if we outlined all the basic evidence for Christianity to show an easy to understand, cumulative case for the Truth. Just like salt is made up of sodium and chloride or water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen, so too the different elements of the Theologetic Table can be combined in different ways to build a strong foundation of apologetic knowledge. Whether to aid in witnessing or the defense of Biblical doctrines, we believe this resource can be very helpful. The PDF is interactive similar to a mobile app, however, it may be “read-only” on certain mobile devices unless a PDF reader is installed. The following is a list of the elements from the Table;

God’s Nature
Degree of Perfection

1. God
1.1 The Cosmological Argument
1.2 The Teleological Argument
1.3 The Moral Argument
1.4 The Ontological Argument
1.5 The Miracles Argument
1.6 The Consciousness Argument
1.7 The Religious Need Argument
1.8 The Beauty Argument
1.9 Pascal’s Wager
1.10 The Free Will Argument
1.11 Information Theory
1.12 The Truth Argument
1.13 The Trinity
1.14 Personal Experience
1.15 The Contingency Argument
1.16 The Abundance of Arguments Argument

2. Jesus
2.1 The Virgin Birth
2.2 Jesus’s Claim of Deity
2.3 Messianic Prophecy Fulfilled
2.4 The Prophecies of Jesus
2.5 The Miracles of Jesus
2.6 The Sinless Life of Jesus
2.7 Biblical Accounts of Christ’s Deity
2.8 Non-Biblical Accounts of Jesus
2.9 The Death and Resurrection of Christ

3. The Bible
3.1 Jesus’s Stance on Scripture
3.2 Unity and Consistency of Scripture
3.3 Eyewitness Testimony of Scripture
3.4 Textual Reliability of Scripture
3.5 Historical Accuracy of Scripture
3.6 Scientific Accuracy of Scripture
3.7 Prophetic Accuracy of Scripture
3.8 The Canon of Scripture
3.9 Exegesis and Hermeneutics
3.10 Shadows of Christ and Typology

4. Christianity
4.1 Genesis
4.2 God’s Will
4.3 Sin
4.4 Salvation
4.5 Faith
4.6 Love
4.7 Life
4.8 Witnessing
4.9 Apologetics
4.10 Prayer
4.11 Worship
4.12 Spiritual Gifts
4.13 Spiritual Disciplines
4.14 Church Traditions
4.15 Theology

The following are some of the questions and statements that the Theologetic Table helps answer or refute:

  1. Haven’t archaeologists proven Christianity is false?
  2. How old is the Earth?
  3. Isn’t there an absence of physical evidence for Christianity to be true?
  4. Isn’t there more evidence against God existing than for him existing?
  5. Isn’t it enough for Christians just to love others and not verbally defend Christ?
  6. Aren’t there various paradoxes within Christian beliefs?
  7. Aren’t all religions basically the same?
  8. Of all the religions, why is Christianity true?
  9. Why does general imperfection exist if God is perfect?
  10. Jesus was just a good teacher, the Bible doesn’t say Jesus was God.
  11. Doesn’t the need for everything to have a cause mean God had to have a cause?
  12. Isn’t it kind of absurd to think our souls are anything more than just our brains?
  13. Isn’t it a logical fallacy to believe a book is divinely inspired because it says so?
  14. How do we know the books in the Bible are supposed to be part of the Bible?
  15. Don’t some churches teach things like baptism being a requirement for salvation?
  16. Why does the church need money?
  17. Why is there something rather than nothing?
  18. Isn’t it more likely that the stories of Jesus rising from the dead were fabricated?
  19. Did God create the Earth in six literal days?
  20. I hear so many interpretations of the same Bible verses, how can I know the truth?
  21. Is it God’s will that true Christians are healthy and wealthy?
  22. Christians are hypocrites; they pick and choose which commands to obey.
  23. Why do Christians hate gay people?
  24. Wasn’t the Bible made up by a specific group of people for their own agenda?
  25. If God is real, why doesn’t he show himself so there is no question of his existence?
  26. How does personal freedom show God exists?
  27. Who do Christians believe God is?
  28. Which God are you referring to existing?
  29. If Adam and Eve were the first and only people, who was Cain’s wife?
  30. How can God exist outside of time and space?
  31. How did God create everything from nothing?
  32. Isn’t it a paradox to believe God is all-powerful and that humans have free will?
  33. Doesn’t the Bible contradict other documents written around the same time-period?
  34. The theory of evolution has shown that we could have easily evolved without God.
  35. If Jesus was really God, why didn’t he just say so in the Bible?
  36. There’s no evidence Jesus believed the Old Testament was divinely inspired.
  37. Isn’t it more logical to believe no God exists then to believe God does exist?
  38. There is no objective truth.
  39. It’s arrogant to assume you can be certain something is true.
  40. Science is the only way to determine if something is true.
  41. It’s intolerant to presume that your view is better than someone else’s view.
  42. Why is abortion wrong?
  43. Why is racism wrong?
  44. Doesn’t the Bible support slavery?
  45. Do animals go to Heaven?
  46. If God exists then why does he allow suffering and evil?
  47. What’s the Biblical definition of love?
  48. Isn’t it mathematically improbable for God to exist?
  49. Isn’t the mind powerful enough to heal the body without needing God?
  50. I believe science has all the answers and can explain anything.
  51. Wasn’t Jesus just a good moral teacher?
  52. The God of the Bible is evil.
  53. Doesn’t evil itself disprove Christianity?
  54. Isn’t the Bible just an ordinary, out-dated book?
  55. There are no records of Jesus having ever really existed.
  56. Isn’t God just a made up concept?
  57. If God is all-knowing and all-powerful, what’s the point of prayer?
  58. God can’t be real, personal, and loving, because He doesn’t answer my prayers.
  59. Weren’t the prophecies in the Bible so vague that we cannot know their meaning?
  60. Maybe God exists somewhere in the universe but I don’t think he interacts with us.
  61. What evidence is there that Jesus was a prophet?
  62. It’s possible nothing happens when you die so why not just live in the moment?
  63. Why don’t things like money, drugs, alcohol and pleasure ever seem to satisfy me?
  64. Hasn’t science proven that Christianity is wrong?
  65. I don’t understand how anyone can still believe in the Bible in this scientific age.
  66. If Christians believe faith alone saves, why do they do things like fast and meditate?
  67. I’ve heard that you have to speak in tongues to be saved.
  68. Can women be pastors?
  69. Did spiritual gifts cease after the apostolic age?
  70. Don’t wars committed by Christians disprove Christianity?
  71. Needing salvation is absurd, people are generally good.
  72. What evidence is there that Jesus was without sin?
  73. Isn’t the Old Testament completely unrelated to the New Testament?
  74. Why was Jesus never mentioned in the Old Testament?
  75. What does it mean to be saved?
  76. Do babies go to heaven?
  77. Is salvation eternal?
  78. What happens to people who never hear about Jesus?
  79. Don’t I have to earn God’s approval by being a good person or by doing good works?
  80. Isn’t it rational to believe that chance and evolution lead to life?
  81. All the different Christian denominations prove Christianity is false.
  82. It is illogical to believe in the Trinity.
  83. If Jesus didn’t mention it then I don’t believe it was a word from God.
  84. Can’t truth simply come from a naturalistic origin without God?
  85. We don’t even know if the Bible we have today is the same as the original writings.
  86. How did Moses know about the creation account when he wrote Genesis?
  87. Isn’t the Bible full of contradictions?
  88. I don’t think it’s important to believe in the virgin birth of Jesus.
  89. Can’t Christians mind their own business and let people believe what they want?
  90. What does it mean to worship God?
  91. Why does God require us to worship him?


More Specific Resources

Aside from the Theologetic Table, this page is also dedicated to helping Christians witness by providing links to other sites and resources for specific types of situations. Anything from talking to Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Muslims, skeptics, agnostics and atheists. This is also a page to help aid believers in combating the wolves in sheep’s clothing like Universalists, “Christians” for homosexuality, and those proponents of the prosperity gospel. Everyone needs Jesus, it is our prayer that this page will help you tell others about Him and defend the Gospel. (Links to other sites do not indicate affiliation, just that we found that specific resource helpful)

Witnessing to Mormons

Video: Witnessing to Mormons
Video: Talking to Mormon Missionaries
Video: How is Someone Saved
CARM – Mormonism Examined

Witnessing to Jehovah’s Witnesses

This web comic is about one simple verse that is a great starting point to open that door of conversation about who Jesus really is
What Do Greek Scholars Think of the -Watchtower Society’s New World Translation of the Bible?
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Witnessing to Muslims

Jesus in the Bible and Quran
CARM – Islam examined
Video: Muhammad’s Errors About Jesus

Witnessing to Skeptics

If someone says God is an egomaniac
If someone says the apostles of Jesus were lying about the Resurrection
If God is good, why didn’t he make us perfect without sin?
CARM – List of answers for objections to Christianity

CARM – Difficult verses and answers to apparent Biblical contradictions
Job-Song of Solomon

CARM – A look at Relativism

Witnessing to Atheists

This web comic makes the concept of morality easier to understand when someone takes the stance that God cannot exist because evil exists
This web comic helps give a response to a skeptic that thinks God should reveal himself if he is real
CARM – A very detailed look at atheism
Four major reasons people become atheists

Is Jesus a Copy?

Video: Jesus vs. Horus
Video: Jesus vs Buddha
Video: Jesus vs Mithra
Video: Jesus vs Krishna
Video: Jesus vs Serapis
Video: Jesus vs Osiris

For Urban Audiences

Jude 3 Project
Early African Christianity
Tru ID Podcast

Combating Complacency

If someone tells you that the only thing that really matters is loving Jesus but lives life his/her own way
Comfort as a stumbling block
CARM – Importance of evangelism

Combating Universalism

Video: David Platt on Universalism
CARM – A look at Universalism

Objections to “Christians” for Homosexuality

If someone uses the argument that Jesus never said anything about homosexuality
CARM – On Homosexuality

Combating The Prosperity Gospel

Video:Why I Abominate the Prosperity Gospel
A comparison of Judas’ actions with the beliefs of the prosperity gospel
CARM – Doctrine of Prosperity

General Online Resources

Great online Bible and Bible study sites

An encyclopedia of Biblical Christianity

Basic Apologetic Resources

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