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2022/10/14 Why Am I Guilty For Adam and Eve’s Sin?
2022/9/1 Does God Care What We Wear to Church?
2021/10/29 Our FREE Devotional
2021/2/11 Black History: The Ethiopian Eunuch
2021/2/11 Bible Genesis Jesus
2020/08/08 What Color Was Jesus?
2020/04/23 Cremation and the Resurrection of the Saints
2020/04/15 The List of Premises from 16 Arguments for God
2020/03/13 Son of Man
2020/03/02 Paul and The Virgin Birth
2019/12/03 No Homoi
2019/11/25 I Can Do ALL Things?
2019/09/07 Yes The Bible Supports Slavery and Maybe You Do Too
2019/08/24 The Curse Reversed: The Parallels Of Genesis and Revelation
2019/08/23 What Do You Mean By “God”: Defining Terms
2018/03/27 Good God, Bad World: The Theodicy
2018/03/15 The Passing Of Stephen Hawking and The Urgency of Evangelism
2018/02/24 Matthew 18:19 and Prayer
2018/01/17 Are Christians Commanded to Tithe?
2017/11/25 Who Were The Wise Men?
2017/11/22 When God Takes Too Long
2017/11/20 God In The Flesh
2017/11/12 The Virgin Birth
2017/11/02 The Self-Sufficiency of God
2017/10/31 Jesus Hidden in the First Two Words of the Bible
2017/10/26 Good Grief!
2017/10/24 For The Resurrection of Christ
2017/10/22 The Validity of Christ’s Claims
2017/10/09 Can A Sincere Belief Be Sincerely Wrong
2017/08/30 Samson’s Predestination vs. His Free Will
2017/08/29 Premeditated
2017/08/13 On Judging
2017/08/12 What Is The Gospel?
2017/08/09 The 2nd Hidden “Verse” about Jesus in Genesis
2017/07/21 Universalism: All will be made alive?
2017/07/21 Hematidrosis: Did Jesus Sweat Blood?
2017/07/09 The Doctrine of Adoption
2017/07/07 Isaiah Believed the Earth was Flat?
2017/06/27 Jonah prophesied and it did not come true?
2017/03/12 The Moral Argument for the Existence of God
2017/02/19 Defending the Unborn
2016/12/04 The Shema and The Trinity
2016/11/13 “One less god…”?
2016/07/12 Homosexuality from Multiple Perspectives
2016/06/26 So You Have Gay Friends and Think You Are a Christian?
2016/04/14 Go and Make Disciples, Not Just Converts
2016/04/03 Christ, Christianity, and Plato’s Cave
2016/03/19 How to Understand the Bible
2016/02/14 What Believing in Evolution Actually Means
2016/01/30 Why Didn’t God Make Us Perfect Without Sin?
2015/12/23 Thoughts, Prayers, Amens and Lies
2015/12/14 Option c: The Time-Salvation Paradox
2015/12/07 Omitted verses. Omitted message?
2015/11/28 What is MOST Important to God?
2015/11/26 What Wasn’t Good During Creation Part 2:
2015/11/22 Why Did Jesus Want Two Swords Before He Died?
2015/11/16 Do All Scientists Today Really Base Their Beliefs On Science?
2015/11/12 Jesus, the Bible, the Quran, and the Law of Non-Contradiction
2015/11/06 The Hidden “Verse” about Jesus in Genesis 5
2015/11/01 Is theology and apologetics really that important?
2015/10/27 Martin Luther’s 95 Theses

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