Prayer Wall for Influential Atheists


This page is dedicated to prayer for some of our culture’s most influential atheists, as well as agnostics and anti-theists. It is our commitment to keep these individuals in our prayers until the day each one of them is either saved or passes on. This is a place where they can be prayed for, not only by us, but by whoever else wants to join in praying for them on a regular basis so that they would, by the grace of God, come to faith in Jesus Christ. Imagine the impact Stephen Hawking, Richard Dawkins or Sam Harris would have on our culture if they had a personal encounter with God and came to faith in Jesus. After all, what was meant for evil, God uses for good. It is the Holy Spirit that moves a person to faith but the power of prayer is unmatched and should not be taken for granted.

There are many who had been devout atheists and became influential and vocal Christian apologists such as Kirk Cameron, Lee Strobel, Ravi Zacharias and C.S. Lewis. God loves us all, lets show that love to those who need it most and pray for their salvation. This is the list of some of today’s most influential atheists, agnostics and anti-theists – please pray for them with us.

1. Richard Dawkins
2. Sam Harris
3. Daniel Dennett
4. Stephen Hawking (deceased)
5. Steven Pinker
6. Michael Shermer
7. Lawrence Krauss
8. Penn Jillette
9. Bill Nye
10. Bill Maher
11. Neal deGrasse Tyson
12. A. C. Grayling

Please leave a comment that you are praying or have prayed for these lost individuals who need Christ.

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