Submissions, Requests, & Questions


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If you would like to submit a paper you have written, please follow these 3 simple steps:
Email us your paper to be converted to a PDF
Title the paper to accurately describe the subject

At the beginning of the paper or in the email, include your name
(we would prefer no anonymous submissions please)

One of our volunteers will proofread the paper and either upload it to the site or contact you about the paper. All papers submitted will need to be Biblically based and theologically sound. While many topics are debatable and a paper taking a stance in favor of one side of a theological issue is welcomed, all papers submitted that support ideas that go against Biblical teachings will not be approved. Please properly cite any sources used at the bottom of the paper, plagiarism will not be tolerated.

If you have suggestions about a topic you would like to see represented, or if you find an error or an issue with one of the papers, let us know.

Also, email us if you have any questions about theology or apologetics, and especially if you have questions about who Jesus is.